Liberty University Student Survives 'Volleyball-sized' Tumor

A Liberty University student was told his chances of survival were slim to none after doctors found a volleyball-sized tumor in his stomach.

In September, David Walker, 19, an LU freshman with a double major in Business and Pastoral Studies, went to a campus doctor with what he thought were stomach cramps.

The doctor found a malignant tumor lodged in his stomach.

"You have to check out of school right now, fly back home to California, be rushed into emergency surgery, or you’re gonna die. Verbatim, those are the words he told me after all the results," Walker said.

He went home to Los Angeles for surgery, but doctors there told him he had only a 5% chance of survival. By then, the tumor had grown to about 15 lbs.

"I was thinking in the back of my head, like, 'I think this is gonna turn out for good. I'll be fine,'" he said.

The rest of the story: ABC 13



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