Roanoke man catches intruder trying to microwave butter in his kitchen


The intruder in this incident has been identified by Roanoke Police as Mary Saunders, 30, of Roanoke. She has been charged with trespassing.


A Roanoke man said he got a rude awakening last week when he discovered an intruder in his house. “I was in here on the bed on my phone. My aunt lives upstairs, my grandma has a key," said Zach McGuire.

McGuire said he heard a noise when a stranger entered his home, but he thought it was just a family member.

He didn’t think too much of the talking he heard coming from the kitchen.

“I started hearing the same voice. I was like, “Somebody’s in there talking to themselves," he said.

Then, he realized he didn’t recognize her voice. It was a complete stranger.

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Mary Saunders

Mary Saunders

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