Hilarious Gender Reveal Fail Shows Why Sister Already Hates Unborn Brother

You ever wonder how sibling rivalries start? Well a new video of a gender reveal party fail might be the origin story for why one sister hates her as-yet-unborn brother.

The clip shows a happy family at a gender reveal party getting ready for the big moment. Mom holds one child while her oldest, at maybe four years old, stands in front of her as they all wait for dad to pop a big balloon filled with either pink or blue powder. However, when the father punctures the balloon, there's a small cloud of blue but the majority of the massive amount of powder that was in the inflatable drops on his oldest child, covering her in cobalt.

The girl is clearly upset by her new color and the amount of powder that also got in her mouth as her parents try to help hergender. No word on if she is still excited for her baby brother's arrival.

Photo: WorldstarHipHop