The 1975 Wants You To Be Part Of Its Next Music Video

The 1975 is preparing to release a new music video and the band is in need of your help!

On Saturday (March 28), The 1975 took to social media to ask fans to contribute to the creation of an upcoming video and I'm already charging up my phone and preparing to send in a masterpiece!

“We'd like to invite fans of The 1975 to contribute to a new video by sharing some moments from their life,” the band wrote. “The video will need to be filmed landscape, iPhone quality is fine.”

So what exactly is The 1975 looking for? Don't worry, they don't need expert videographers or jaw-dropping footage.

It seems like the band just wants fans to be themselves. The criteria is as follows and you can read the full post below:

  1. Share a random anecdote about something you experienced recently. 
  2. A video of your creative expression (poetry, dance, etc).
  3. Three feelings that encapsulate the present for you.
  4. A video that makes you proud or makes you laugh.

You'll have to act quickly though because the band set a deadline for Monday (March 30) to submit your content. So get filming!

The new video shouldn't come as a surprise as just the other day, The band's manager answered a series of fan questions on social media and revealed the next single is “days away (single digits).”

The 1975 has already released a handful of songs off the new album Notes on a Conditional Form: "The Birthday Party," "Me & You Together Song," "Frail State of Mind," and "People." It's set to drop next month.

Photo: Getty Images