French's to Release a Ketchup-Flavored Popsicle This Summer

Photo: Getty Images

It's definitely one of the weirdest popsicle flavors you've ever heard of -- condiment brand French's, mostly known for its famous mustard, is branching out and making a Ketchup Popsicle!

French's is releasing the limited-edition frozen treat called the "Frenchsicle" this summer in Canada, saying that the popsicle is made from 100% Canadian tomatoes.

The Internet's reaction to French's announcement was a bit divided, but French's says they made it because "Canadians love their ketchup!"

For now, the Frenchsicle is only being given away in a few Canadian cities, including Vancouver and Toronto, but French's has included the recipe here on their website so you can make the treat at home, just in time for your 4th of July BBQ!

Plus, for every Frenchsicle given away, French’s will donate two meals to Food Banks Canada.

Please visit the French's website for more information about the Frenchsicle!

Source: Yahoo!

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