Local Pilot Creates New Way to Clean Surfaces

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- A local pilot has created a new way to disinfect his aircraft and is now getting businesses in on the action.

When COVID-19 hit and planes became a hotspot for germs, pilot Kyle Falwell was worried about keeping his planes sanitary.

“That was one of the major concerns," Falwell said. "People getting off the airplane, where they were, who they were exposed to, that kind of stuff.”

He came up with his own cleaning solution idea. He did research on what chemicals could also help kill the cells of the virus.

Through trial and error over the course of a week, he created BonAirosol. It is all packaged inside a backpack that sprays directly onto surfaces.

More on this story from our media partner, ABC 13 - WSET.

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