INTERVIEW - "It's Mike Jones: Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees"

We're glad that Neon Trees are back in business and it was good to catch up with their leader Tyler Glenn! We talked on my It's Mike Jones podcast about how they hope to put out their new album in May but it could end up being earlier, what he's doing to be productive and keep the cabin-fever away during coronavirus, the earthquake in Salt Lake City this week, how we can all connect to their new song "Used To Like", visiting Congress with Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons to work towards ending conversion therapy in the United States and his bad-ass gold Doc Marten's!

Thanks for taking some time to talk, Tyler! Check out our interview and the acoustic version of "Used To Like" that we talked about during our conversation. Watch out for the new Neon Trees album in May (or maybe sooner) and tour dates to come as soon as possible.

(photo: Neon Trees)