New Foster The People - "It's Ok To Be Human"

Not only did we get a new song from Foster the People, we also have an essay about the current state of the world from Mark Foster. He has some pretty insightful thoughts on what's happening with coronavirus and how we have to put the collective greater good ahead of our own wants right now. Yes, being inside all day is rough, but that's what will lead to a cure and for the world to return to normal. Here's a section from his piece:

Sometimes, a pause is the only thing that can bring clarity to the manic momentum of the rat race we’ve allowed to hijack our humanity. Sometimes a pause is what we need to remind us that we are not gods. We forget that we’re actually sensitive, vulnerable, weak creatures that need to breathe oxygen multiple times a minute, drink water, eat food, and maintain an internal temperature of 98.6 degrees. It’s easy to forget about our vulnerabilities when we have been spoiled with the comforts of societal excess.

You can read all that Mark Foster had to say by clicking this link to the Foster the People website, and listen to the new song "It's Ok To Be Human".